4TU ghidra box

Hi! 4TU has an internal Ghidra server - because we do RE stuff. We're still ironing out the details, but in short: dump your RE stuff here, let's all collaborate! (And no, it's not publicly accessible, because why on *earth* would you make a Ghidra server publicly accessible?!)
If you're not 4TU staff: this isn't for you, head on over to our main page instead.

The gist of it is: you'll connect to an OpenVPN server at westen.compucat.me:1195, which gives you access to ghidravpn.compucat.me. In order to do that, you'll need a CA certificate (downloadable from here) and a username/password combo (which you can get by pinging CompuCat).

You'll need these settings in particular: (written for NetworkManager, other clients may vary)

If using NetworkManager on Linux, do *not* forget that last one - NetworkManager will try to force all network traffic through the VPN even though the server explicitly doesn't advertise a route for general traffic. This causes...fun issues, shall we say. :)

Alternatively, here's an OpenVPN CLI config: (click here).

Uptime not guaranteed and all that - the VPN runs on westen, but the actual server itself is running on my buildserver. Ping me or quarky if you've got issues.
That's about it!